Patent Rights

The following patents have been registered in Intellectual Property Rights.

Sl.No.Title of the InventionDate and Year of SubmissionPatent NumberStatus
1Woven Aloevera/Sisal/Kenaf Fibre Epoxy composites for Corrugated Roof sheet17.06.2016201641012809Published
2A Multi-Layered Natural Fiber Reinforced Composite Sheet Laminate11.11.2016201641036636Published
3A Durable Multi-Layered Protective cover enclosing the Head and Neck of th refighters30.12.2016201641044018Published
4A fibre reinforced hybrid polymer composite protective mechanism for the head08.05.2017201741016072Published
5An automatic system and method for the detecting and arresting of the LPG spillage from the gas stoves07.08.2017201741028002Published
6Exo Skeleton Arm using Block and Tackle Mechanism08.12.2017201741042997Published
7Robotic End Effector with Bevel gear Mechanism13.04.2018201841012922Published
8An Exo Frame Structure Utilizing Electrical Actuators For Arm Rehabilitation And Effortless Load09.07.2018201841025468Published